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Steelin Light Steel Structure is suitable for all climatic conditions and can be used in various purposes in all over the world. Modern and industrial structures, Villas, Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms, Schools, Factories, Workshops, the limit is your imaginations.

Steelin Light Steel Structure is a company with very high production capacity uses advanced technology machinery and it is one of Hekim Holding Group companies that has many years of experience, keeping the customer satisfaction as its number one priority.

Approximately 90% of the material we use in Steelin Light Steel Structures are manufactured in our own factories, and that give us the advantage of having affordable prices. Untill now it was not possible to see more than four – storey Light Steel Buildings but with the new Steelin technology, we can bulid up to eight – storey buildings…

Steelin is a Hekim Holding Company…

Our Mission

To be the first preference of the customers in Light Steel Structure sector by providing high quality and timely service beyond the expectations of the customer all over the world.
To produce Light Steel Structures for every purpose by using the latest technology with our experienced and expert staff of architects and engineers who produces global solutions.

Our Vision

As a leader in the sector, our purpose is to build up good-quality, safe, aesthetical, fast, economical, ready and habitable Light Steel Structures by explaning the importance and benefits of steel as a construction material all over the world.


Steelin is performing all light steel structures production in its facilities in Şekerpınar – Kocaeli, Güzelyalı – Pendik established on 63.500 m² in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality System with its expert employees in their field and up to date technology machinery and equipments.

Şekerpınar / Kocaeli

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Şekerpınar / Kocaeli

Şekerpınar / Kocaeli GET A QUOTE

Pendik / İstanbul

Pendik / İstanbul GET A QUOTE

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