Light Gauge Steel Structures


Light Steel Structures Turn Into Art…

Be ready to see multi – storey light gauge steel structures around you…
Light Gauge Steel Buildings could be available up to max four storey until now.
With our new technologies and designs changed the rules…
Up to eight storey Light Gauge Steel Buildings can be constructed now.

What is Light Steel?

It’s a steel structure that is made out of galvanized steel profiles connected together with bolts, using only Light Steel we can build a structure up to eight – storey.
System created by steel sheets, sheet openings vary between 1 – 4 mm, steel sheet thickness, 60 mm – 400 mm profile wide U,C and Sigma profile.

Light Steel Project Planning

With our Steelin Project department our structures are not only suitable for Turkish standards but also for BSI, EUROCODE, AISI standards.

Light Steel Wall System

Our galvanized profile carrier system covered with A1 Fireproof 10 mm or 8 mm Fibercement boards.

Light Steel Roofing System

The carrier galvanized steel roof construction system is covered with (Shingle)

Light Steel Roof Covering Options

Painted galvanized trapezoidal sheet, Sandwich Roofing Panel, Onduline, Metal Tile and etc.

Light Steel Structures Insulation

Inside the wall construction we use Rockwool or wall type Glasswool insulation materials.
Inside the roof construction we use Glasswool blanket, Rockwool insulation materials or Sandwich Roofing Panel.


Earthquake Resistance

Light Gauge Steel Buildings are the best solution for construction in earthquake areas due to their high resistance against earthquakes, steel buildings are 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete buildings and Steel absorbs most of the earthquake energy.
Steel frame buildings have survived very severe earthquakes with very minor damages in comparison with buildings made of Concrete, steel frame buildings can be easily repaired within a short period of time without involving much money.

90 % Recyclable

Light Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. Its strength and durability with its ability to be recycled, again and again, without ever losing quality.

Competitive price

Light Gauge Steel provides high quality for reasonable prices and shorten the construction period to a great extent.

Fast Installation

Light Steel Structures can be built and manufactured very fast comparing to concrete structures. Which allows us to get work done sooner than concrete structures.

Architectural Flexibility

Light Steel Structure system enables architectural and design flexibility.

No Lightning Risks

The energy of the lightning is conducted straight to the ground and is not released destructively within the frame.

Less Material Waste

Light Steel Structures reduced the waste generated in constructions.


Office 697 m2 GET A QUOTE

49 Office

Office 3492 m2 GET A QUOTE

43 Office

Sales Offices 302 m2 GET A QUOTE

2 Offices, 1 Meeting Room, 1 Kitchen

Sales Offices 318 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Offices, 1 Showroom, 1 Playground, 1 Kitchen

Sales Offices 378 m2 GET A QUOTE

2 Offices, 1 Showroom, 1 Meeting Room, 1 Playground, 1 Kitchen

Sales Offices 645 m2 GET A QUOTE

2 Offices, 1 Waiting Room, 1 Showroom, 1 Meeting Room, 1 Playground, 1 Kitchen


Kindergarden 1166 m2 GET A QUOTE

6 Dayrooms, 3 Offices, 1 Dining Hall

Primary School 3036 m2 GET A QUOTE

26 Classrooms, 5 Offices, 1 Dining Hall, 1 Indoor Sports Hall, 1 Library, 1 Infirmary

Primary School 2388 m2 GET A QUOTE

28 Classrooms, 1 Kindergarden, 4 Offices, 1 Dining Hall, 1 Laboratory, 1 Library, 1 Infirmary

Hight School 3453 m2 GET A QUOTE

20 Classrooms, 11 Offices, 1 Dining Hall, 1 Indoor Sports Hall, 1 Library, 1 Infirmary


Hospital 4340 m2 GET A QUOTE

115 Clinics, 19 Offices, 7 Waiting Halls, 1 Meeting Room


Hotel 8115 m2 GET A QUOTE

49 Standart Rooms, 7 Suit Rooms, 4 Lounges, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining Hall, 1 Reception, 1 Fitness Center

6 Storey Apartment 4668 m2 GET A QUOTE

Flat: 160 m2, 3 Rooms – 1 Living Room

Bergama 69 m2 GET A QUOTE

2 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Kapadokya 95 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room

Toros 106 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Asos 138 m2 GET A QUOTE

4 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Zigana 128 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Balcony

Karagöl 124 m2 GET A QUOTE

4 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Kümbet 136 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Balcony

Abant 140 m2 GET A QUOTE

4 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Balcony

Sümela 159 m2 GET A QUOTE

4 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace, 1 Balcony

Single Storey Twin Houses 342 m2 GET A QUOTE

Flat: 144+27 m2 – 3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Lined Courtyard Houses 636 m2 GET A QUOTE

Flat: 144+15 m2 – 2 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Courtyard


Single Storey Villa 119 m2 GET A QUOTE

2 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

1.5 Storey Villa 181 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Modern Villa 315 m2 GET A QUOTE

5 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Turkish Style Villa 152 m2 GET A QUOTE

3 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace

Arabic Style Villa 284 m2 GET A QUOTE

5 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 2 Balcony, 1 Terrace

American Style Villa 587 m2 GET A QUOTE

8 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 2 Balcony, 2 Terrace

Mansion 470 m2 GET A QUOTE

7 Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Terrace, 1 Balcony


Light steel structure designs, which save time and contribute economically to your budget thanks to their lightweight material, are long-lasting and durable construction systems. High-end building systems designed by Hekim Yapı using Steelin technology; It can be preferred for different social use purposes such as residences, bungalows, public buildings requiring high security, hotels and holiday villages. Light steel construction products that are produced according to Steel’s technical system and can be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere if necessary; They are high quality, useful and durable building products.

They are structures that are often confused with prefabricated structures, but have both similarities and differences with prefabricated products. In the construction of light steel structures, thin-walled and cold-twisted materials are used. Both the skeleton and the inner and outer coverings; It is light in weight, durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Such structures, which offer comfort and practicality with these aspects, are called light steel structures.
The materials are produced with Steelin technology, which is designed by taking the automatic roll form technique to the next level and pioneers other manufacturers in the sector. Systems called “Hekim Robot” have been developed within Hekim Holding for the production of light steel structures. Theoretical projects, structures and building elements are prepared by special software programs in the 3D computer system.
Many disadvantages that arise with reinforced concrete structures are eliminated in prefabricated and light steel structures. The foundation of steel structures, which are much lighter than reinforced concrete; As a result of feasibility studies such as the ground on which the structure will be built and the amount of load resulting from static calculations, it is laid as a radial plate foundation. The biggest benefit of light steel structures in the long term is that their earthquake resistance and safety are higher than reinforced concrete structures.

While making all these calculations, international standard rules such as Eurocode, American regulations, regulations on structures to be built in earthquake zones, and British building standards are taken into account. In terms of light materials and ease of application, the foundation laying process of light steel structures is more economical than reinforced concrete structures.

Although light steel structures appear to be temporary structures with their ability to be disassembled and reassembled, they are actually at least as long-lasting and durable as reinforced concrete buildings. Additionally, building zoning permits follow the same process as the permit processes for reinforced concrete buildings.
The lifespan of light steel structures rivals that of reinforced concrete buildings. Prefabrik Yapı AŞ, which has been making light steel structures and prefabricated designs for 32 years, prioritizes durability and superior quality in its products. Due to these high quality standards, prefabricated and light steel building models built in the early years are still in use with the same durability as the first day. Carrying out routine maintenance in light steel buildings, as in reinforced concrete structures, is an effective method to extend the life of the buildings.
One of the most misleading situations in light steel construction systems is pricing per square meter. The calculation is made by taking into account factors such as the climatic characteristics of the region where the building will be used, ground survey results, earthquake and wind load. Labor costs and the amount of light steel construction materials in the application are factors on the final price. It is not right to give a price per square meter without all these studies and calculations. Therefore, the price for each light steel structure is personalized.
Perhaps one of the most important and advantageous features of light steel building designs is that the products can be disassembled and reassembled at any time. The trick to consider here is that welding should not be applied to the profiles either on the construction site or in production. Structures built without welds and in a completely interlocking form, just like a puzzle or Lego, can be dismantled and rebuilt with the same logic when desired.
The products are portable as they can be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere. It is a vital criterion in terms of not using resources, transportation and disassembly and assembly, both during the production and construction site phases.
Galvanized and thin-walled sheet materials are designed as the main frame and carrier system. Fibercement exterior material designed by HekimBoard is used on the exterior. These materials are also fire-resistant, A1 class fireproof and decorative-looking materials.
In order to increase the durability of the building against climatic conditions, rock wool made of A1 class fireproof material is applied. Roof covering is also fire-resistant sandwich panels, shingles or metal tiles. On the interior, durable HekimBoard panels or plasterboards, which also impress with their decorative appearance, can be preferred.
Many different types of buildings can be designed with materials produced with Steelin building systems. Public institutions such as hospitals, schools, polyclinics, kindergartens, municipal buildings, fire brigade buildings, police stations or buildings that can be used for different purposes such as residences, hotels, bungalows, showrooms, warehouses can be built.
Light steel construction products signed by Steelin are exported to more than 130 countries in the world, from the geographical regions with the coldest climatic conditions to the geographies with the warmest climatic conditions. Light steel structures can be easily preferred in regions with different air temperatures from -40 degrees to +60 degrees. The materials and wall thicknesses to be used in building design are calculated according to the climatic conditions of the region where they will be used.
In order for the light steel structure model you will purchase to be long-lasting and functional, you need to take into account some important details. Knowing important technical details in advance, such as the thickness of the wall panels and whether the details at the joints are seamless, will be of great benefit in use. It is important to make sure whether weldless or bolted connection techniques are used in the model you choose. Determining the corresponding profile of each profile in production provides ease of assembly on the construction site. In addition, exterior panels, which are among the light steel building materials, must be A1 class fireproof material. Important issues you should pay attention to when purchasing products for your safety include technical details such as wall heat details and thermal bridges.
In the light steel construction industry, turning to corporate brands that have proven their existence for many years provides satisfaction in after-sales service support. It is necessary for your satisfaction to choose companies that are well known in the sector, have continuity and have world-class quality certificates.

The width of the company’s production line, whether it has fully automatic roll form machines and its capacity should be checked. Having this machine in use for serial, high-quality and fast production is important for the reliability of the brand. The competence and interest of the personnel who will provide after-sales technical support service should be investigated in advance.

Light steel structures, which are more preferred than reinforced concrete buildings in modern and developed countries, have been preferred for many years due to their earthquake resistance and comfortable use features. In many developed countries in Europe and America, light steel structures are frequently built due to both their economic advantages and comfortable features.

The energy-saving materials of light steel structures make the structures more preferred. You can gain an advantage over reinforced concrete buildings in terms of savings with the thermal insulation materials used in the design of the products. Thanks to the energy savings it provides, the amount paid for the structure pays for itself over time. Steelin light steel structures are ideal building systems as they offer comfort, provide savings and are portable.

Founded within Prefabrik Yapı AŞ, the leading name in the construction industry, Steelin is a brand that produces global solutions and directs the pace of the industry with its sustainable products and technologies. Light steel structures, which could rise up to 4 floors before Steelin, have increased up to 8 floors with Steelin’s expertise. Steelin is a real world brand with the devoted work of countless architects and engineers and with its wide production range and innovative solutions.

High quality, uninterrupted mass production is carried out in the factory areas of Kocaeli/Şekerpınar, Istanbul Güzelyalı/Pendik, built on a total area of 63,500 m². Facilities that implement ISO 9001 quality standards include state-of-the-art machines and a large work team whose knowledge is always kept up to date.

The use of materials that are extremely sensitive to the future of the world and the ecosystem we live in is among the priorities of Steelin light steel construction systems. The sustainability of both the steel construction materials used in Steelin products and the HekimBoard Fibercement panels used in the exterior cladding of buildings is an important investment in the future of nature. Acting with this sense of responsibility and awareness, Prefabrik Yapı AŞ also undertakes all this neglected environmental activism with the Steelin brand it established within itself.

Before purchasing a light steel structure, you should definitely prioritize the company’s references, quality standards and sensitivity to sustainability for the future of yourself and the world. You can safely choose the Steelin brand for light steel structure systems.



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