Generous Benefactors Award Ceremony

Generous Benefactors Award Ceremony

27 December 2014

The owners of the prizes with regard to the Capital magazine’s “Generous Benefactors Survey” on businessmen have become clear. In the notable meeting organized in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the prize awarded to Mr. Öner Hekim, the Chairman of the Board of Hekim Holding has been received by Mrs. Aydan Hekim, Member of the Board of Hekim Holding, Vice President of Administrative and Financial Affairs. Mrs. Hekim, in her speech, has extended her appreciation to all of those who have made and effort in this respect, in particular, the Capital Magazine. Doing good things and favors for others is a testament from our grandfathers to our fathers and then to us. In addition to this testament, she said that they would continue to provide the people of this country with support and services, and she underlined that taking part as Hekim Holding in this platform is a very important value.

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