Steelin Transforms Light Steel into Art

Steelin Transforms Light Steel into Art

26 May 2014

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., leading company of light steel building sector, is launching its prefabricated light steel buildings and ecologic containers with Steelin brand. Steelin brings various aesthetic and technological solutions to luxury villas, multi-storey and ecological buildings.
Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., an affiliated company of Hekim Holding, continues to make technological innovations to the sector with its latest brand Steelin. Steelin carries the expertise of Prefabrik Yapı on prefabricated light steel and ecological buildings to light steel building sector.
Steelin combines products which bring together technology, aesthetics and durability. It transforms light steel into art with glittering details in the design.
Be ready to see light steel apartments
Steelin product range spans from luxury villas to multi-storey buildings, offices to hangars with wide spacing in unlimited options which are fast to build, economic and durable. Light steel buildings which were built upto four storeys maximum, now can be built upto eight storeys by means of the new technology and designs. Light steel buildings, designed without any compromise from elegance, also differes from the other types of buildings with its fast and effective return on investment. A vast majority of the building elements produced with the advanced technology are made of 100% recyclable steel materials. Therefore these buildings, by their nature, are environment friendly and sustainable architectural products.
Ecological Mars
Mars Container, unmatched with its technology, design and elegance, can produce the energy it requires besides its feature of zero carbon emission. Mars buildings, with pre-production in the factory, are easy to transport and assemble. Mars, designed in 4 different sizes as Mini, Compact, Maxi and Comfort, provides more living spaces in Maxi and Comfort sizes which have two-storey options.
Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Steelin brand’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator Yıldız Demir shared the story of Steelin brand: “Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. decided on the segmentation of its product groups to offer a more effective service to its clients and started with brand activities. Steelin brand, bringing in quality, technology and elegance and offering fast and project based solutions to the sector, was born as a result of these operations. We formed a more effective operation model by gathering Mars containers, coming to prominence with prefabricated light steel buildings and its ecological features, under Steelin brand. We believe we will have more productive projects with private and corporate companies having business in the building sector.”

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