We Took Our Place at the 39th Construction Fair

We Took Our Place at the 39th Construction Fair

16 May 2016

We have built strong structures benefiting from the lightness of steel. Steelin, builder of the multi-storey steel structures has made a strong impression at the fair.

Steelin, the light steel structure brand of Hekim Holding, the leading company in the construction sector has been introduced for the first time to its visitors together with its innovative technologies and multi-storey steel structures at 39th İstanbul Construction Fair.

Steelin, fast-building light steel structure system, became the center of visitor’s attention at the construction fair with its profile diversity in different thicknesses and sections, which are to be determined by structural analysis.

Thanks to technology and design developed by Steelin, light steel structures, which can be built as high as four storeys so far, can go up to eight storeys.
Steelin, which provides services in many fields of the construction sector, satisfies the requirements of such buildings with alternatives as housings, sales offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, hangars, social facilities, factories and so on with its functionality of wide span length.

With its developed technology, quality of the materials used, production capacity, existing machinery and equipment, professional personnel Steelin, can design projects and manufacture in accordance with not only Turkish standards and regulations but also BSI, EUROCODE, AISI standards in the light steel construction sector..

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