Zero Carbon Emission Mars Container

Zero Carbon Emission Mars Container

11 April 2014

Prefabrik Yapı A.S. Offers Enjoyable Spaces to Future Generations with Zero Carbon Emission Mars Container.

Prefabrik Yapı A.S., leading company in light steel building sector, starts a new age in building culture with Zero Carbon Emission Mars Container.
Zero carbon emission Mars Containers, among ecologic and sustainable buildings of Prefabrik Yapı A.S., draws attention with modular structure. Aesthetic, safe, economic and transportable Zero Carbon Emission Mars Containers offers enjoyable spaces to future generations.
The whole energy requirement of Mars Container, without needing any external source, is supplied via photovoltaic panels placed on the roof with an angle of 28˚. Less energy is required for heating and cooling in the buildings where light steel production technology is applied.
The container requires 546,9 kWh/year for cooling , 860 kWh/year for heating, 453,8 kWh/year for lighting and 595,9 kWh/year for equipment which adds upto 2456,6 kWh of total electricity power required. Photovoltaic panels produce 2900 kWh of electric power per year which is more than the consummation. The EP value of Mars container, which has a class value range of 0-39, is 19,37. Mars Container where 118% renewable energy is used has 0 carbon emission.
Mars Containers, environment friendly from production phase to production and utilization stage, have options for housing and office. The buildings produced in light steel production technology have higher insulation values and less power requirement compared to traditional system.

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